Basically blog about Michael "LEGEND" Biehn.
"Come with me if you want to live".....see?

oh and I CANT make gifs or do up fancy pics,,,, so none are mine





Jennifer posted on her instagram ‘the girl’ “coming soon”

HOW SOOON ??????????

Wait wait wait! WHAT GIRL???

His new movie hehehehe hes kinda made to look unattractive in it (impossible)but still dying to him any new movie..its one of the movies from his and jens production company…so im dying to see it hehehehe :)

Ahaha oh good :D I thought she is pregnant (⊙.⊙) haha, thats would be so over cuteee!

New Michael movie wooaap wooap :D

Oh just the thought is adorable overload XD
A little cutey baby michael/jen running around:)
Such an adorable couple would have such an adorable ba ba!!!!

I’m up stairs having a great ole time watching Sexy Michael in ‘timebomb’
I walk down stairs and my Mam is watching sexy Michael in ‘aliens’
I wonder if she’s thinkin the same things I am :P